希望舒膚有限公司是澳洲 Body and Soul Health Products Hope’s Relief 品牌的台灣總代理.    Malcolm Lynch, Body and Soul 的創辦者在這裡跟我們分享他的故事。

“Body And Soul Health Products Pty Ltd是一家家族企業,我們的客戶是我們所有工作的核心。 我們致力於使用天然成分,來幫助人們的生活產生好的影響。  

“Body and Soul Health Products Pty Ltd is a family business, and our valued customers are at the heart of all that we do. We are devoted to natural ingredients and making a positive difference to people’s lives.

從小到大都有肌膚濕疹問題 Growing up with eczema

當我還是一個孩子,我患有嚴重的濕疹近問題將近十年,所以我可以充分了解它如何影響你的生活以及周圍的人。 我的父母嘗試了許多不同的產品,飲食控制和找尋各類專家,來幫助我的瘙癢皮膚問題。 我記得去學校時我的父母會用保鮮膜幫忙包住我的腿,肌膚上塗滿乳液和藥膏! 當我走在學校走廊時,我還會擔心會發出吱吱響的聲音。 即使到了這一天,我父母回顧那段悲傷的時間,並記得那種無奈的感覺,因為他們看著孩子為濕疹所苦。

As a child, I suffered from severe eczema for nearly 10 years, and I can fully understand just how it can impact upon your life, and of those around you. My parents tried so many different products, eating programs and specialists in search of relief for my itchy-scratchy skin. I recall heading off to school on a regular basis with my legs covered in cream and wrapped up in glad wrap! I was worried about making scrunching noises as I walked down the corridors. Even to this very day, my parents look back at that time with sadness, and remember the feeling of helplessness as they watched their child try to cope with eczema.

致力於天然和有機成分 Devoted to natural and organic ingredients

然而,這種經歷塑造了我的生活方向,為此我真的很感激。 過去三十年來,我在天然產品行業工作,因為我真的很喜歡看到自然產品對人們的生活有正面的影響。 Hope's Relief 的護膚系列涵蓋了正能量的大自然植物的力量,成功的獲得好的結果。

Yet this experience shaped my direction in life, and for that I am truly thankful. I’ve spent the last thirty years working in the natural products industry, and just love to see the positive difference quality natural products can make to people’s lives. The Hope’s Relief skin care range embraces this power of nature’s botanicals to get results.

身體和靈魂,昆士蘭家族企業 Body and Soul, a Queensland family business

2006年,我創立了身體和靈魂健康產品。 我們的總部位於澳大利亞晴朗的黃金海岸。 我的妻子朱莉和我在天然護膚,研發,製造,營銷和銷售方面具有互補的背景,我們聚集了一批熱情的自然健康專家,分享我們的價值觀和承諾,從此積極致力與正向的改變。

In 2006, I founded Body and Soul Health Products. Our head office is on the sunny Gold Coast, Australia. My wife Julie and I have complementary backgrounds in natural skin care, research and development, manufacturing, marketing and sales, and we’ve gathered a team of enthusiastic natural health experts that share our values and commitment to making a positive difference.

蜂蜜膏最初是一位母親為了幫助有濕疹女兒所創造的。 此配方在自然療法診所接受了兩年的研究和試驗,以得出目前的蜂蜜膏產品。 最初的要求是要使用天然成分的產品,無類固醇並可幫助緩解濕疹症狀。 此產品舒緩女兒的問題後不久,很多有同樣困擾的人有都開始嘗試。

The cream was originally created to help a mother’s daughter that had eczema. The formula took over two years of research and trials in a naturopath’s clinic to arrive at the current formulation. The initial request was for a product with natural ingredients and no steroids to help relieve the symptoms of eczema. Soon the results with the daughter led to the cream being offered to other people with eczema and psoriasis to try.

客戶很快就對結果表示滿意,而且很快就傳播開來了。 越來越多的人使用這個產品,得到了結果,其餘的就是他們說的已是歷史了。 現在,它遍布澳大利亞和紐西蘭遍布5000多家藥店和保健食品商店。

Customers soon raved about the results, and word soon spread. More and more people used the product and got results —and the rest as they say is history. It is now available throughout Australia and New Zealand in over 5000 pharmacies and health food stores.

因為我經過兒時受苦的經歷,我只想看到這個產品盡可能的多幫助人,所以我們把這個配方放在身體和靈魂公司健康產品的傘下,並將它推往整個澳洲的市場。 當時我不知道它也會能吸引到全世界的關注。

After suffering so long as a child, I just wanted to see this product help as many people as possible, so we brought this formula under the Body and Soul Health products umbrella and launched it to market Australia-wide. Not knowing it would also attract worldwide international attention.

Hope's Relief 的濕疹配方也開始在海外被知道,現在已有十多個國家可以有經銷。 這個原因是因為來澳洲或紐西蘭的國際訪客嘗試了,得到結果,並且很喜歡它們想與自己國家的同胞分享得結果。

Word of the Hope’s Relief premium eczema cream even spread overseas and it is now available in over 10 countries. How this network came about was simple—international visitors tried it, got results and loved it so much they wanted to share it with their home countries.

Hope's Relief 護膚膏的成功使我們能夠將產品範圍擴大到十種優質天然產品:全身保濕面霜,沐浴露,清潔皂和頭皮護理,護膚液,舒緩凝膠乳液和噴霧劑。 我們的重點是產品不僅可以緩解,而且是天然的,無毒的和對肌膚友好的產品。

The success of Hope’s Relief Itchy Dry Skin Cream has enabled us to expand the range to ten complementary quality natural products: an all over body and face moisturiser, body wash, cleansing bars and scalp care, barrier lotion, soothing Gel Lotion and Topical Spray. Our focus is on products that not only relieve, but are natural, non-toxic and skin-friendly.

我們的使命是盡可能多地分享自然活性成分的好處。 我們最大的樂趣之一是收到來自父母的信件或電子郵件和照片,很激動的告訴我們Hope's Relief 產品如何幫助他們或孩子。 這是讓我們最窩心的。

Our mission is to share the benefits of naturally active ingredients with as many people as we can. One of our greatest joys is receiving letters or emails and photos from parents emotionally telling us how Hope’s Relief products have helped their babies or children. This is something very close to our own hearts.


We will continue to explore new ingredients and natural products to help make a happy difference to people’s lives.”